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quote Don't let your past determine your future. Everyone who has ever done something great has failed along the way. It's what you do in those moments of weakness that reveal your character. Are you going to stay down? Or are you going to get up, dust yourself off, and finish what you started?!"



What is YOUR definition of fitness?

bullet point Do you want to run a 10k?
bullet point Would you like to get the idealized 6-pack?
bullet point Do you want to be able to keep up with your children or grandchildren?
bullet point Are you looking to increase the amount of weight you can bench press?
bullet point Are you not sure what your ultimate goal should be,
    but you know you HAVE to do SOMETHING?!

Your body, physiology and metabolism are as unique as your story. At Defiant Fitness, we don’t judge. We don’t assume. And we DO NOT do cookie-cutter workouts! We develop a workout plan specifically for you and your goals. Be treated like the unique and extraordinary person that you are.

Defiant Fitness’ team of experienced fitness professionals will help DEFINE what being fit means to YOU! Together we will develop a plan to get you on track to getting that dream body!

What are you waiting for?
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